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Modern prefab dwelling right in your backyard. Increase your income, space, and property value.

An income property in your yard.

Transform your property into the ideal investment. Generate additional income by renting your Modal out for long or short-term use and let it pay for itself.

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via flexibility.

Modal is designed to be as versatile as you. Create a new dwelling, workspace, art studio, home gym, or personal getaway, with custom options to fit your vision.

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Increase your home’s value.

A Modal in your backyard is one of the easiest, most assured ways to increase the value of your property, without any of the hassle of conventional builds.

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Affordable and aesthetic.

High-quality construction and design are our guiding principles. With efficient manufacturing and flexible financing options, we’ve made Modal affordable and accessible for everyone.

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Modal 00

A minimal single-room studio designed to maximize space. Do more with less.

The Modal 00 is our most versatile space. Bright and airy, this single room floor plan is designed to be as flexible as your life is unpredictable, easily adapting to change and from one use to the next. Featuring a full kitchen and bath, the Modal 00 does more with less. Starting at $194,000.

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Modal 01

Modern and adaptable, the one-bedroom is our most popular unit.

The 01 sets a new standard for small living. Its layout gives you the flexibility to make it as cozy and functional as you need. We’ve maximized its livability with a spacious bedroom, full bathroom, laundry space and complete kitchen, all built to last. The Modal 01 is modular living at its best. Starting at $219,000.

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Modal 02

Our two-bedroom home is our most spacious, customizable dwelling. Go big and go home.

The 02 is big enough to accommodate any use, layout or living arrangement. This two-bedroom floor plan includes every feature of the one-bedroom unit and more. It has more flexibility than any other Modal, allowing you to create the ideal home without compromise. The Modal 02 is truly made to meet your vision. Starting at $249,000.

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Modal Pod

The Pod offers 119 sq ft of flexible, distraction-free space right in your backyard. Design the workspace you’ve always wanted.

The Modal Pod offers 119 sq ft of flexible, distraction-free space right in your backyard that requires minimal site preparation. Your customized Pod is built off-site in a factory-controlled environment and, once complete, Modal delivers and installs it in less than a day. Starting at $44,900.

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Environmentally and
fiscally responsible.

Our modular construction and installation process was created to save you money and save our planet. We stay off-site until delivery and offer single-day installation, meaning no mess and no stress. We proudly utilize recycled materials and our manufacturers produce 80% less waste and 43% fewer carbon emissions than the average on-site projects.

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innovative build process.


First, we’ll determine if your city and property qualify for Modal, then provide your pre-approval.


Once you’ve been approved, create your ideal space by customizing your Modal’s layout, color, and features.


When your Modal is designed, our team gets to work preparing and organizing all the necessary permits, plans, and processes.


Our dedicated builders carefully craft your Modal to all of your specifications, ensuring each aspect is built to last.


Lastly, your Modal is delivered directly to you, professionally installed in 24 hours, and ready for you to make it yours.

You ask. We answer.

  • There are three different models that we offer. The Modal 00 is a Studio, The Modal 01 which has one bedroom, and the Modal 02 which is a two bedroom.
  • An ADU (Accessory Dwelling Unit) is a separate housing unit on a residential lot that has an existing home on it, and is permitted by the city.
  • We can handle that for you. Once we get your address, we’ll check into your city’s zoning, setback, and property size requirements and let you know whether your property qualifies.
  • Modal can connect you with our preferred lender. Typically, clients finance their ADU with a home equity line of credit, cash-out refinance, 2nd mortgage, or a renovation loan.

"When you consider what it can do for property value, the extra income, and having the freedom to use it any way you want, it made a lot of sense and was a total no-brainer for us."

Kelly M.

Affordable, modern, delivered.

We build small, but smart - explore our high-quality, low-cost homes made to live how and where you want.

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