Modal handles it all.

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From permits and site surveying to construction and shipment, we make sure that every single step of the process is thoroughly planned, prepared, and completed, so you can live without the stress.

3-4 Months

On-site survey & permitting.

First, we survey your property to determine where and how your Modal will best fit, then we do our due diligence, and take care of all the permits, paperwork, and procedures necessary to build.

5 Days

Groundwork & Footings

Once everything is approved, we get to work: install the foundation, water, power, and sewer for your Modal.

2 Months

Building, delivery, & installation.

Next, your Modal is built and prepared off-site, then delivered and carefully installed via crane with our team assisting every step of the way.

Estimated start to finish: 6 Months

Start Modal Living.

Now it's yours. Move in, rent it out, make your Modal meet your vision.

Manufactured to make a difference.

Every step of our process is designed to waste fewer materials and save more time. Our homes are thoughtfully prepared, built, and installed with the environment in mind. Modal’s primary focus is to reduce our carbon footprint and improve your way of life.

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Waste not,
want not.

Traditional on-site construction projects end up costing and wasting more, with the average home build sending 8,000 pounds of waste to our landfills. Modal is different. Our offsite construction uses recycled materials and the single-day installation process means your property stays clean.

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The fact of the matter.

Modal Prefab vs. Conventional build


Waste reduction.


Less carbon emissions created.


Faster than onsite construction.

You ask. We answer.

  • Our process takes about half as long as building a custom structure on-site. Modals take 8–12 weeks to permit, 6–8 weeks to manufacture, 1–2 weeks for site prep, and 1 day to install.
  • We build our units with a qualified manufacturer in compliance with the 2018 international residential codes. They’re constructed in a factory-controlled environment for efficiency and quality control.
  • We extend the sewer, water, and electric lines from your home to where you want your Modal placed on your property. We use a mini-split system for heating and cooling, which is included with your unit.
  • Nothing. Our team will handle the necessary steps your city requires, such as building and planning commission meetings, until your plans and property are approved by the city.

Our plan meets your vision.

Explore all of our floor plans and styles to find the perfect Modal for you.

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