Our biggest and most dynamic dwelling yet.

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The 02 is big enough to accommodate any use, layout or living arrangement. This two-bedroom floor plan includes every feature of the one-bedroom unit and more.

Room to spare.

It has more flexibility than any other Modal, allowing you to create the ideal home without compromise. The Modal 02 is truly made to meet your vision. Starting at $129,000.

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Interior, exterior, superior.

Black Cabinets
Wood Cabinets
White Cabinets
Black Metal
White Metal
Black Wood Composite
Natural Wood Composite
Charcoal Concrete
White Concrete
Black Tile
White Tile
Dark Rubber
Light Rubber
Natural Wood
Energy-efficient appliances included / upgrades available.
Sustainable, durable quartz countertops come standard.
Custom built-in seating, bed, and storage upgrades available.

Technical specifications

  • Weight: 12.0 tons
  • Dimensions L/W/H: 42 ft / 13 ft 6 in / 11 ft
  • Living Space: 567 sq ft
  • Footings: Concrete


  • 9’ ceilings
  • Soft-close kitchen cabinetry
  • Dishwasher
  • 4-burner electric stove and oven
  • Garbage disposal
  • Full size bathroom
  • Efficient LED lighting
  • Three independently-zoned heating/cooling units
  • Vanity light and mirror included in bathroom
  • 3 exterior patio lights
  • Customizable finish options
  • Built-in furniture upgrade options

Our plan meets your vision.

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